Representation Before the Department of Veterans Affairs

Representation of American Veterans


The process within the Department of Veterans Affairs for obtaining VA veterans disability benefits can be complicated, long, and overwhelming. 

I represent veterans and their families with their claims at the Regional Office level and appeals before the Board of Veterans' Appeals.  

As a former Board of Veterans' Appeals attorney, I understand the VA claims and appeals process and can provide assistance to those seeking help with VA benefits.  

Typical types of claims and appeals, include: 

  • · VA Disability Compensation
  • · Increased Rating Compensation
  • · Earlier Effective Date Evaluations
  • · Total Rating Based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU)
  • · Survivor Compensation Benefits

Representation Before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Representation of American Veterans pursuing benefits with the CAVC and VA


If the Board of Veterans' Appeals denied your claim, you have options. One of those options is to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).  

When you appeal to the CAVC, you need an experienced lawyer to represent you.  This is so because once your appeal reaches the CAVC, the process for evaluating your claim changes.  Unlike the process before the VA, which is mandated to help veterans with their claims, the process before the CAVC is adversarial.  Once a veteran files an appeal with the CAVC, the VA becomes the opposing party and the VA attorney assigned to your case will fight against you to try prove that the Board of Veterans' Appeals was correct in its decision.  


Because of the adversarial nature of appeals before the CAVC, much like any court system, it is a prudent decision to hire an experienced attorney versed in veterans benefits law to ensure that your interests are properly represented. 


I provide representation to veterans and their loved ones in appeals to the CAVC.  With my experience, as a former Board of Veterans' Appeals attorney and in private practice, I am versed in substantive and procedural veterans law and will use that knowledge to fight for your case.